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It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice

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McCain would like to lift ban on offshore drilling
"The stakes are high for the citizens as well as our economy," McCain, the presumed Republican nominee for president, said in a press conference Tuesday in Houston, Texas.
Hours later, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said President Bush on Wednesday will ask Congress to lift the ban on offshore drilling.
"For years,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, obama has pushed Congress to expand our domestic oil supply, but Democrats in Congress have consistently blocked such action," she said.
Earlier within the day, McCain, describing our prime price of fuel, confused the expense of gallons versus barrels, which drew laughs from your crowd along with the candidate himself. He quickly corrected himself.
"And with gasoline running at over $4 a barrel . a gallon . If only . $4 a gallon, many would not have the luxury of waiting around the faroff plans of futurists and politicians," he said.
"We have proven oil reserves for at least 21 billion barrels in the United States. But a diverse federal moratorium stands in the way of energy exploration and production. And I believe it's about time for the authorities to lift these restrictions and put your own reserves to work with."
McCain's plan would let individual states decide whether or not to explore drilling possibilities. Watch a McCain adviser describe the proposal > The proposal could put McCain at odds with environmentalists who say it is incongruous along with his intends to combat global warning. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a McCain ally,
flip flop, opposes offshore drilling.
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist had expressed opposition to exploring coastal waters, but he was quoted saying this week he supports McCain's intend to lift the moratorium and may not rule out letting his state choose to drill offshore.
"It's the worst thing on earth Let me do, however also determine what people are paying in the pump, and i also understand the drag it is on our economy," Crist told the St. Petersburg Times. "Something should be carried out a responsible, pragmatic way."
The present law, which has been in effect since 1981, covers a lot of the country's coastal waters.
Many officials from coastal states oppose offshore drilling because of the likelihood of oil spills. Environmentalists want offshore drilling to avoid to guard oceans and beaches from further pollution.
"The next president must be willing to break with the energy policies, not only of the current administration, nevertheless the administrations that preceded it, and lead an excellent national campaign to realize energy to protect America," McCain said Tuesday.
McCain on Monday said incentives might be provided for states that choose to permit exploration off their coasts, adding that "exploration is a step toward the longerterm goal."
Tuesday's discussion marks the first in a series of references America's energy security that McCain will hold through the next fourteen days as they lays out his prefer to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil,
flip flop shoe sale.
McCain opposes drilling in most areas of the wilderness and says those areas must be left undisturbed.
"When America set aside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, we referred to it as a 'refuge' for the reason," he explained.
McCain also criticized the force policy of Democratic rival Sen,
cheap filp. Obama.
"He says that high oil prices are not the issue, only that they rose too rapidly. He doesn't support new domestic production. He doesn't support new nuclear plants. He doesn't support some using coal, either," McCain said.
"So simply what does Sen. Obama support in energy policy? Well, first of all, he supported the energy bill of 2005  a grab bag of corporate favors which i opposed. And after this he supports new taxes on energy producers. He uses a windfall profits tax on oil, to go combined with the new taxes also, he plans for coal and natural gas. In the event the plan sounds familiar, this is because that was President Jimmy Carter's big idea too  and plenty of good it did us."
McCain argues which a windfall profits tax will only boost the country's reliance on foreign oil and become an obstacle to domestic exploration.
"I'm all for recycling  but it's better put on paper and plastic instead of the failed policies from the 1970s," he stated.
Obama on Tuesday blasted McCain for changing his stance on offshore drilling.
"John McCain's support from the moratorium on offshore drilling in his first presidential campaign was certainly laudable, but his decision to completely change his position and tell a small grouping of Houston oil executives what exactly they wished to hear today was precisely the same Washington politics containing prevented us from achieving energy independence for many years," he explained.
"It's another illustration of shortterm political posturing from Washington, not the longterm leadership we must solve our attachment to oil," he explained.
Democratic Florida Sen. Bill Nelson also criticized McCain's plan, saying it will ruin his state's tourism industry and would not solve the situation.
"I thought John McCain was serious as he said he wanted to make America less influenced by oil. I did not think he would have been a flipflopper. He knows more and more drilling isn't the solution to high gas prices," Nelson said Tuesday.
Obama said a windfall profits tax would ease the responsibility of one's costs on working families. Actually is well liked really wants to put money into affordable, alternative energy sources.Related articles: